4 Myths About Working With a Digital Agency, Debunked

Everyone’s got an opinion on digital marketing agencies. From some people, you’ll hear that the right agency made all the difference to their business; from others, that marketing agencies are useless and you’re better off doing all your marketing yourself.

As a digital marketing agency with over a decade in the business, we encounter a lot of different attitudes from prospective clients.

To set the record straight, here are the top 4 myths about working with a digital marketing agency, and our take on them.

1. I know how to run my company’s website and have built a social media following from scratch. I don’t need a marketing agency when I can do it myself!

While marketing is an age-old field, digital marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Many people now work exclusively in niche subfields like SEO, social media advertising, or web analytics.

While you might be doing ok on your own, you need to consider things outside of your own sphere of knowledge: the unknown-unknowns. The only way to expand your universe of knowledge is to invest seriously in your own marketing education, or to get help from the outside, like from a digital agency with a proven track record of success.

2. Digital agencies are too expensive! A freelancer or an employee would be cheaper and give me more direct control.

Digital agencies — a team of marketing experts at your disposal — obviously come at a cost. But you can’t talk about cost and something being expensive without also talking about results. An agency can be expensive only relative to the results they deliver for you — if they manage to pay for themselves in the new business they generate, the cost would obviously be a moot point.

When it comes to freelancers and/or a full time employee vs. hiring an agency, think carefully about the hidden costs involved. While a freelancer might be cheaper per hour, are you taking into account the likelihood that you would pick the right person to work with, and the time it will take to onboard them? When it comes to full time employees, are you sure you want to commit to spending $50k a year or more on a marketing professional who may or may not work out, and with one particular skill set, rather than the flexibility to work with a full marketing team at an agency?

3. My customers don’t buy things online. Digital marketing doesn’t really work for my business.

You’d be surprised how often we encounter this one. We understand that even in this day and age, there are brick and mortar stores or businesses in traditional industries like manufacturing that just haven’t seen digital marketing pay off for them. While there’s a small chance this is actually true, with our increasingly digital world, it’s much more likely that this company just hasn’t worked with a marketing professional or agency that could design a strategy that worked for them.

4. Agencies can’t really get to know my business without being in it day-to-day. I don’t trust them to do a good job.

Let’s break that down: what is it that the business is afraid the agency won’t know? What do they think are the agency’s blindspots? Most of these issues are addressed through the communication culture of the agency. It’s possible that you’ve worked with another agency that didn’t earn your trust, or maybe you’ve just heard about another business’s negative experience. Good agencies have onboarding processes that are built to get up to speed on all essential details of your business.

Have more thoughts or questions about working with a digital marketing agency? Let’s talk about it! Reach out to us to discuss your needs!