Getting Your News From Social Media Or Random Opinion?

Maybe everyone’s getting anxious for the spring, or maybe the mechanism of social media is finally starting to become second nature for society. In light of this past week’s large media events, like the Grammy Awards and Whitney Houston’s death, social media facilitates public discourse about everything. And we mean everything. Even from the people you don’t want to hear from.
Let’s dive into this a bit, people. It seems now with public access to any and all information posted online, singular opinions now are open to commentary. The news of Whitney Houston’s death was indeed unpleasant news, but such extensive media coverage began to annoy people. In a similar thing after Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death, a wall photo on facebook soon generated discussion and turned into something of a public forum. The thing about the internet is that everybody’s opinion is equally valid, but some people (usually jerks) think that their opinion is somehow more right. Anybody who disagrees must be stupid or just plain ignorant. Another great example is Youtube video commentary (we’re assuming most of the people who comment on these videos have little else to do or have deep rooted personality issues). Is this becoming a problem? We’d like to say we know the answer to this dilemma, but that would be untrue, and Google forbid any other untruths be posted on the net!
Social media is not all bad, don’t get us wrong; we just like to poke thoughts around. For the Grammy’s there was a lot of social buzz around Californians not getting live-play on the show because of the time difference and having to tweet or stream the show through twitter feeds or other social by-ways. Sure, maybe that would upset some people.
However, missing the Grammy’s is a big deal. But that’s what all the tweeting is for! Catching the updates from friends, fan pages, or celebrity profiles intends to fill in all the gaps of communication and entertainment you may have missed. This year especially, social media efforts were set to EMBRACE the Grammy’s by offering streaming coverage and the chance to follow by alternative social routes if you couldn’t find a TV in time on Sunday night.
Some people, on the other hand, who missed the Big Show are not so upset. They’ve gotten all the news they can swallow from the explosive news feeds. So now if you’re plugged in, there is absolutely no way you can miss any kind of pop media coverage. Because even if you are deliberately trying to avoid it, IT will find YOU. Oh yeah, babe.There’s no escape.
So what is the significance of social media and popular opinion? (gettin’ real deep here, folks) It means now all your personal thoughts you post on the net are no longer personal, they are public. And if a statement is public, it is open for commentary, critique, argument, and negation. Sometimes done in a gentle manner, but sometimes not. Awareness. We think that’s important. Be aware that everything you say will not always be received with open arms. But if it is, contact us, please! We’d love to meet you.
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