If You’re Good At Your Job, No One Cares If You Don’t Wear Pants!

Hopefully the article title isn’t too misleading. We’re talking about the 21st century generation of Workshifting. It may be a new term for most out there, but it has been an exponentially growing business model for the past few years now. In this day and age (of robots and super-machines) more and more people are doing the bulk of their work on computers. And thank Jobs for the laptop, now work can be done at home. Or the coffeeshop. Or the bookstore. Or at your favorite Denny’s location (you get the picture). Since the advent of social media propelling businesses, time at the office just doesn’t cut it anymore. Workshifiting seems like the more practical and convenient method of work (not to mention more comfortable). We hear you out there, Internet. You’re screaming, Sign Me Up!
Well, we should prepare you first. Workshifting isn’t entirely the dream it sounds like. Most people set up home-offices and do actually change out of their pjs each day. You might want to consider a few things in setting up your home office.
Essentially becoming your own supervisor/boss gives you the freedom to govern your time and work as you please, as long as you make deadlines and maintain a high level of productivity. With that said, not everybody is suited for the workshifting lifestyle. According to social scientists, those who function most appropriately as independent works are those who are driven by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Think about your skills and be honest with yourself. Because if you decide to work at home and then become too lax to hit the mark, we all suffer, and every time an article is posted too late, a small piece of the internet crumbles and vanishes into the ether.
Okay, so now this is sounding pretty good, right? You’re probably saying to yourself (if you haven’t said it already) YEAH, THIS IS TOTALLY ME. And it is! Ideally, the workshifting model will provide many benefits the business sector could really use. For employers, it cuts the expenses of workspace real-estate, office supplies, and it even increases options for recruitment talents. For employees, it provides similar benefits, saving money on travel and office-related costs. Pretty sweet, eh? One would think that with all this flexibility and “invisible work” employers might start to worry about employees, but it actually turns out to be the opposite. Check out this article and see for yourself.
Alright. Workshifting seems like a promising work option for the highly focused and self-motivated. We endorse your independent thinking! Keep in mind, working independently is like swimming in the ocean. If you don’t keep a steady stroke, you’ll start sinking.
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