Politics You Can Finally “Like” with Social Media

Politics. The old battle between the elephant and the jack-ass is no longer a blood-boiling headache you watch on TV, now it’s entertainment you can be a part of anywhere with WiFi! With the explosion of social media launching the political scene, individuals now have more voice in the presidential campaigns than ever. Facebook, twitter, and the lightning-fast transmission of information across the web allows network users to become actors in the 2012 campaign drama and not just frustrated audience members.
Regardless of whether you’re a righty or a lefty, if you ain’t a part of the social network, you’re losing your grip on your supporters. Now, we’re not going to talk about how dumb you have to be to become a politician for this fist pump (no offense, bigwigs). Still, these politicians are smart enough to know that a large portion of the party influence comes from how they sway the voters on the social scene. For political campaigners looking for support, hitting up the social sites are the first place they go to engage the denizens.
There’s a big point to note here. It’s not that the politicians are becoming smarter (there’s no way that could ever happen), it’s that they’re realizing the people have the most power, and we’re finally realizing it, too! Voters are getting highly involved and are speaking out faster than politicians can talk. This places politicians in a precarious situation, because if they can’t handle the heat, they might not appease supporters and that can make it agame-changer.
Social media is not just a heavy hitter in the American political arena. It’s a global contender that has reformed many countries, but we Americans still have yet to fully understand the strength of this weapon. Some experts are saying that social media alone could determine who wins the political elections between Obama and Romney and that it may determine the future of our country’s politics in a significant way. And then there’s the other fear, the danger of offending voters or opponents and having your name tarnished to the point of irreversible embarrassment. It’s a mess that republican Rick Santorum has been trying to clean up for quite some time now.
Now with the 2012 elections soon approaching and the wave of social media carrying a whole generation of web-surfers, a lot of political power is within grasp of those who know how to stay active. Getting involved has never been easier, and using social media is probably the strongest tool we have for sharing information and engaging in the development of our country’s future. Here’s the catch: if you believe you can have an impact, then you must act.
Besides the Kardashians, McDonalds, and Girls Gone Wild, there’s a lot of wonderful things our country can offer. Giving individuals a voice is one of them. And it’s not about the volume of your voice, it’s about activity. So, start speaking through those fingers and use that keyboard as a microphone, and let’s make this politics party one bitchin’ concert!
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