Steve Jobs: The Man of iGeneration

The news is unavoidable. Steve Jobs; the founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple, the hippy-savvy entrepreneur, the John Lennon of the technology sector, passed away last week at the age of 56. Media is exploding everywhere with the news. The day of his death, October 5th, 2011, almost every single Facebook status update was a Steve Jobs quote. And rightfully so. The man was friggin’ genius! His story is the American Dream most people can only tweet about, but he actually lived it. Check out this article off of theBusiness Network landmarking his accomplishments.
But right now we’re going to throw out a deep socio-existential question (make sure your iPacemaker is on)…With Jobs gone, what the hell is going to happen to the future of technological advancement?! For this new generation of Tech-hip youth, it is unfathomable to even consider living without an iPod, iPhone, MacBook, or the plethora of other iProducts out there. Less than 10 years ago we were listening to Blink-182 on our CD-players…God knows how hard it was to fit that brick into your pocket. Jobs was able to make electronic equipment personally accessible for the average Joe. The “i” everything essentially allowed us to personalize our music, the way we work, and reach a new level of self-expression and productivity. Pretty heavy, right? Yeah.
But now what? Others are asking the same question.
The man was a visionary. Pretty big shoes to fill, or sneakers should we say. Steve Jobs was just a down right cool cat who sincerely cared about the things that actually mattered.
With all the greedy, idiot Big Wigs out there, it’s up to us to carry on Jobs’ vision and passion if we want to keep the technological momentum going. It would be nice if we could score some of that good Frisco LSD, too. It might speed up the process.
Our glasses up to you, Steve. You were definitely the man of this technological generation. We’re grateful you existed and that you pushed yourself to help the rest of us live a little easier. Cheers.
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