The 7 Benefits of the Brand Positioning Story

If you’re a subscriber to the Little Jack Newsletter, than you might already know that the newest service we’re offering is a little something we call the Brand Positioning Story. Having dubbed 2014 the year of the Rebrand: Putting Value Back into Marketing, we’re kind of excited about this new tool, because it does exactly that. Whether you’re a new company that’s trying to find its place in the marketplace, or an experienced business that’s in need of a marketing strategy re-think, we are confident that the Brand Positioning Story is step one of your better-marketed self.   Enough excitement, Jack, so what is a Brand Positioning Story, you might ask. Well, it’s a long (the last one we did ran over 100 pages), detailed, data-backed study of your company’s brand as it fits into the marketplace. It will help your business in infinite ways when it comes to marketing and sales. Here is a list of the seven big ones we’ve noticed so far.   1. It positions you in the marketplace. The whole point of a BPS is to answer the question “What challenges exist in your industry and how is your company uniquely capable of resolving them?”   2. It separates you from your competitors. In other words, it answers a crucial question for the customer—why they should pick your company.   3. It’s shaped like a sales funnel: from big to small, from industry to your business. Because of this, it’s valuable in a host of other ways, such as for rethinking your website layout or content strategy to improve sales.   4. It creates a trove of top notch content that you and your marketing company can always refer to when you need something to post to your website, blog, Facebook, Friendster.   5. It compiles valuable statistics about your market demographics that you can continue to refer to again and again.   6. It can easily be converted into a slide presentation for speaking engagements or proposals.   7. It solidifies your brand. Knowing the answer to all of the above promotes consistency of your brand, which in turn boosts the confidence with which your brand interacts with the world.   We can keep going for a while, but for the sake of your valuable time, we’ll cut it off here. Whether you’re a current customer, a potential one, or just a friend of Jack, ask us about the Brand Positioning Story and we’ll give you the details of how it can help your business specifically.   [templatera id=”10395″]

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