The Power of Accountability: Getting A Marketing Coach

You might think that a marketing company is simply selling you a service—they know how to do something you don’t, which is why you pay them. In fact, hiring a marketing company does not only add to your business from the outside, it changes the very way you do business (yes, we’re also experts in modesty). This is something we’ve experienced over and over again with our clients. Kids, say “Hello!” to your new coach.
Being Held Accountable
Let’s face it. When you’re doing the 1,001 things entrepreneurs have to tackle on a daily basis, marketing rarely comes at the top of the list. It isn’t very glamorous, and it requires prolonged and consistent (read: daily) effort to see results. In that respect, it’s exactly like hitting the gym (Speaking of which, see our post on Grit – The Power of Perseverance and Passion.)
Who of us can say that we’ve never made the New Year’s resolution to hit the gym more? Whether the goal was to lose weight or to put some muscle on that ectomorph frame of yours, we all aspire to look better.
Yet, this resolution is notoriously one of the hardest to follow up on. Sure, you might hit the gym for a few weeks, but then life happens, and you end up either too tired to go, or “there’s something more important to do”, or you end up eating ice-cream chocolate-chip-cookie sandwiches all night. And once you skip a day, skipping more becomes increasingly easier.
Get a Coach
But something happens when you get a coach. You’re expected to be there at a certain time. You’re paying for the service. Someone is showing you how to do the exercises right. If you don’t show up, he’ll most likely (if he’s any good) call you and ask, “Where the hell are you?” You’ll even see the look of disgust on your face when you show up 8 pounds heavier since last time because it’s been a “stressful” week. All of a sudden, you realize you’re sticking with it, you end up making good decisions, and results happen. (Whoa there, Arnold, don’t hurt yourself.)
It works the same way for marketing. Once you’ve hired a marketing company, they will literally bother you and hold you accountable to yourself. (You wouldn’t believe how many times we have to call clients to get them to do something that is designed to help their company get more customers. You’d think we’re in the dentistry business!) You’ll be expected to have your marketing strategy in the back of your head from now on, and answer “deep” questions like “Where do you want your business to go in the next five years?” and “What do you think customers like best about your business, specifically, and how can we use that to get more people in the door?” (Whoa there, Socrates.)
All of a sudden, it might start to feel good. Before you know it, you might be doing a little light marketing before your morning coffee, or during lunch. You might even get super into it and take the helm, devising your own master plan and doing all the marketing yourself. But be careful, because without accountability, it’s easy to slip back into your old ways.
And remember to thank the coach. Here’s looking at you, kid.
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