The Story of Little Jack

Dear Readers, believe it or not, this is our 100th Fist Pump Friday. What a long and strange trip it’s been, indeed! Two years ago, a social media marketing underdog by the name of Little Jack took on the mean Chicago streets to dish out his own personal brand of “don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take providing value seriously” magic. It hasn’t always been easy, but now that we’ve made it this far we are bigger and better than ever. Here are some of the things we learned along the way, which might help you on your small business journey:

Trial and Error

In the early days, we knew we wanted to start a company that would be a fresh take on a social media marketing company, but that is about as far as our vision went. We had the unique voice of Little Jack in mind, but because the field of online marketing is so wide (it’s the digital Wild West), we didn’t have a core set of services. Every new client made us evaluate and fine tune the services we offered, showed us what works and what didn’t, and helped us distill our methods in order to maximize value to the customer. While initial vision is incredibly important, keep in mind that in those early days you have to be open to change — there’s a chance your new business isn’t actually about what you thought it would be about. Stay receptive and keep an open mind.

Get Close to Clients

Starting a company is a humbling endeavor. Deeply thankful of the first clients that began to trickle in, we spent large amounts of time ensuring the lines of communication were open so we could achieve and exceed the client’s objectives. In many cases, these interactions led to clients we wouldn’t be afraid to call our friends. As our client base has grown, we’ve tried to retain this personal quality to our services. Our clients often invite us to events (read: parties), and we ourselves are having an event at which most of our clients will be present.

Pick Winners

Last but not least, even the most visionary founder can’t run a company by himself. Surrounding yourself with intelligent, hardworking individuals who are willing to take initiatives is absolutely crucial to a young company’s survival. Also, never underestimate the power of employees with humor and a positive attitude – this is why our company meetings are both productive and a blast.
So here’s to a great 2 years, and the many more ahead of us. We hope that we’ve helped you along your path  to small business success, because your readership certainly has helped us on ours. With much pleasure and gratitude, we say: Onwards!
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