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Google Privacy Becoming Google Prison?

The day is soon approaching, fellow Googlers. The day when all your internet eggs will be placed in one big basket. Effective March 1, 2012, Google will be enforcing a new Privacy Policy on all Google services, products, and websites.The policy will combine all your web activity and information into one large, interconnected account. Some of us are loosening our collars, others are nodding in agreement…. The juiciest part is that this policy change is not an option, it will become the standard. So what exactly does this mean for users? How often do you use Google? Well, if you use Google+ for social networking, Gmail for your email, Google as your search engine for anything, Google Maps for finding your way around town, Google Calender for planning your dates and appointments, Google Finance for managing your checkbook, or even Youtube for your entertainment (or boredom) videos; those are all Google property, baby! Essentially, this new policy will have no longer have all these things separate, but unified as one big internet machine. The Updated Privacy Policy makes your searches more contextual. So when your Gcalender indicates your haircut appointment, Google Maps will provide directions to the salon. Or when you watch videos on making homemade peanut butter (we’re assuming you’re into this kind of thing) the next time you search for healthy recipes on Google, the first search returns will appear as ‘best peanut butter recipe’ or something of the sort. The list goes on. There are, of course, some who find this more creepy than convenient. In fact, the government is getting involved with this new policy change, and getting a lot of heat from the press, too. Eight U.S. Senators challenged that Google’s new Privacy Policy was unlawful, against the consent of the consumer, and potentially dangerous if abused. The whole idea that one user is treated as the same individual across services in this new policy borders on the violation of rights.… […]

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A Case Study of Facebook Advertising and Its Efficacy

If you’re one of the smart ones who’ve been following our last few posts, then you’ll appreciate the significance of this Fist Pump. We’re going to perform a self-evaluation (different from self-analysis–we do that in the mirror every morning) on the efficacy of one of our own Facebook Campaigns. Hence, the following case study will demonstrate our marketing experience with a new client of ours,The Pet Wash. Watch out for flying stats, ‘cuz this puppy is sprayin’ wonders! So, to break it down, we hooked up with The Pet Wash folks and agreed to do their marketing. We ran 5 separate ad campaigns and capped our budget at 500 bones over 28 days. Here’s what we’re looking at: All Campaigns – Budget: $500.00; Total $ Spent: $489.06; # of Ads: 111; Total Campaign Reach: 485,941; Avg Frequency: 3.8; Total Social Reach: 46,021; Total Connections: 693; Total Clicks: 1,073; Avg CTR: 0.085%;   Campaign Name: Petwash-buynow; # of Ads: 22; Campaign Reach: 56,951; Frequency: 1.4; Social Reach: 229; Connections: 71; Clicks: 94; CTR: 0.115%; Campaign Name: Petwash-sale-v1; # of Ads: 9; Campaign Reach: 116,658; Frequency: 4; Social Reach: 0; Connections: 0; Clicks: 99; CTR: 0.021%; Campaign Name: Petwash-sale-v2; # of Ads: 10; Campaign Reach: 28,736; Frequency: 9.1; Social Reach: 28,133; Connections: 73; Clicks: 161; CTR: 0.062%; Campaign Name: Petwash-stinkydog-v1; # of Ads: 37; Campaign Reach: 146,728; Frequency: 2.3; Social Reach: 4,981; Connections: 437; Clicks: 511; CTR: 0.151%; Campaign Name: Petwash-weeklygiveaway-v1; # of Ads: 33; Campaign Reach: 136,868; Frequency: 2; Social Reach: 12,678; Connections: 112; Clicks: 208; CTR: 0.078%; Oh yeah, for insight and/or definitions of any of the terms, we have them all laid out in earlier blog post (worth another read too, if you got the time) Does Facebook Advertising Really Work? Part 1 of 2. So what do all these fancy numbers mean? We’ll tell you, just put down the redbull and remember to breathe. Above you will see the 5 Facebook advertising campaigns we ran over the course of… […]

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Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn: Battle of the Social Networks

In the business world, having a social media platform for marketing, relationships, and transactions is no longer an extraneous item, it is a necessity for survival. And with all these blooming new networks, how the heck are we supposed to choose the best party room for all the business meetings? Just like everything else in this country, competition is key. As you well know, for small businesses and companies, the most prominent social networks available are LinkedIn, Facebook, and now Google+. We hear you saying, “Little Jack! help us make sense of this confusion! What do we do?!” Rest easy, friends, we’re not completely clairvoyant, butsome people think they can predict the future of the business world pretty accurately. PC World is not the only one who has been making this claim. A lot of people are placing their bets on the new Google+ Business Page set up. Why? It’s convenient! It’s got more gadgets and goodies than your old Facebook engine had when you started that rusty old thing up at the beginning of the millennium. From all the talk we’ve been hearing, it seems like the Google+ Business Page is set up for easy access on all the things you could ever need: communication, commerce, contacts, everything. It’s really a whole new level of social media. At the other corner of the ring, it looks like the old FB is a pretty hefty contender. Some sayFacebook may have more success with Business marketing simply because it has the bigger numbers. For example, the BMW FB page has close to 6.7 million fans, while the G+ BMW page has less than 400 fans to date. Of course, Google+ is just a kid up against a veteran in social media arena. There are still a few things to learn. But now back to YOU. Putting your money, time, and energy into one of these networks is a bit of a commitment. Each small to… […]

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