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Immediately Capture More Website Leads with This Simple Approach

Have you ever been to a website that had an offer, were about to click away, only to see an even better offer pop up? It may or may not have worked for you, but the numbers are in and exit-based overlays can lead up to 30x higher conversions. Another interesting stat is that more than three-quarters of non-purchasing visitors intend to return to the site they’re leaving, but less than one-third of those visitors actually come back. That’s why exit-based pop-ups are so important — they give you one last chance to capture these customers before they leave your site forever.

How A Site Knows You’re Planning to Leave

The technology usually works by tracking the visitor’s mouse cursor via code embedded on the website. There’s a very typical movement that happens that is a sudden movement from wherever the cursor currently is up to hit the back button or close the window.

Designing the Perfect Exit Overlay

When it comes to creating the pop-up, the usual rules apply. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Give people a quick exit

We’ve all seen the pop-ups that make the X very difficult to see and stop visitors in their tracks. Pop-ups already have the potential to annoy customers, so don’t ever do this, because you might actually lose more than you gain with this strategy.

But make your case clear too

These overlays often have a Yes and No option, but you’ll often see the No option is labeled in such a way that no reasonable person would want to click on it, like “I do not want to save money today”. While these can sometimes be downright silly, they do use consumer behavior to their advantage, because we do seem to have a natural resistance to clicking a No button that’s worded in that way.

Customize your overlays for maximum impact

Think about a first time visitor leaving your site and intending to come back, as compared to a person who has been to your site multiple times and just can’t seem to pull the trigger. Or, maybe, a visitor who spent most of their time reading your blog, as opposed to one who spent all their time on your pricing page. When they’re exiting, you should probably show them different messages, right? Are you happy with your current conversion rates? If not (and who is, really?), give some consideration to a well-designed exit overlay. We have experience designing these for customers, so reach out to us to get started!

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