2015: The Year of Digital Media and Your Company Story

Every January, we at Little Jack Marketing let you know what major marketing issue we’ll be tackling in the upcoming year. You might remember that 2013 was The Year of Productivity, and 2014 was The Year to Put Value Back in Your Marketing. Without further ado, we’d like to welcome 2015 as The Year of Digital Media and Storytelling. All year long, we’ll be exploring how you and your company can successfully tell your story in the online environment in order to capture the hearts and minds of your audience and increase profits along the way. Why did we choose that theme? A few reasons, actually: Again and again, we see the importance of story in companies’ bottom lines. What kind of a difference does a story make? You might remember that the late 90’s saw a multitude of MP3 players hit the markets without a clear market share winner. MP3 players were also somewhat of a niche product for the technologically savvy, and used the traditional computer megabyte standard when referring to the capacity of these devices. Apple came up with a similar product, the iPod, but told a different story. By using the tagline “10,000 songs, in your pocket” Apple was able to not only better enunciate the versatility of the new generation of music players, but to also expand the market tenfold by appealing to music lovers everywhere. Aside from some basic design improvements, Apple’s product wasn’t that different from the others. The iPod wasn’t revolutionary. The story Apple told, however, was. Too many companies fail to make full use of digital media to tell their story online. Most large companies have by now come to realize the importance of telling their stories online. Most small and mid-sized businesses, on the other hand, fall short when it comes time to tell a captivating story to their online audience. Whether these missed opportunities come from a lack of knowledge or a shortage of resources, businesses need to be made aware of the true impact of the online story. The proliferation of online content makes it harder to stand apart. A good story cuts through the mix. As companies begin to understand the importance of SEO and content marketing, the amount of online content produced daily has skyrocketed. Every day, 4,000,000 new blog posts are posted online. Every minute, 100 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube. Good content, which usually means a good story, floats to the top and gets the lion’s share views. We look forward to exploring every aspect of digital media and storytelling with you over the next year. From tips on how to come up with your company story, to discussion of the technological tools required to tell your story effectively, we’ll be there every step of the way. Here’s to a successful 2015! [templatera id=”10393″]

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