3 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Some companies think that once they have a website, they’re set. However, that’s never truly the case. If you take our advice and consider your website “your digital storefront,” it becomes clearer that your website will need regular updates, and eventually, like any brick-and-mortar storefront, a complete overhaul.
How can you tell that the time has come for a website redesign? Here are three signs that could mean your site needs an overhaul:

  1. Your site has a layout or look that is dated.
    At the time you were building it, your website was probably right on trend, maybe even ahead of its time. But trends change, and it’s easy for a distinct design to begin to look dated after a few years. If you notice this is happening, or you notice a significant number of your competitors switching over to a different look, this could be a sign that you may want to look into a redesign.
  2. You’re getting increased calls or emails with obvious questions.
    If you think that information about your company and services is clearly stated on your site, but you are getting an increased inflow of questions about these obvious things, that should be a clear sign that your site may benefit from a redesign that lays out this information in a clearer way.
  3. Your analytics indicate trouble.
    There are several metrics that could indicate customers are not getting what they need from your site. Look out for the following:
    High bounce rate — the bounce rate indicates the percent of visitors who end up leaving your site from a particular page (vs. those that continue on to another page on your site). A high bounce rate, especially from an important page such as your Services page or your Contact Us page, shows a potentially lost business opportunity.
    Drop-off in goal completions — you should have goals set up on your site that indicate when a visitor completes an action you want them to, whether that’s getting to the bottom of a long blog post, or clicking on the “Purchase” button at the top of a particular page. A decrease in the number of goal completions could signal a change in the user demographic towards one that doesn’t find your site compelling enough to complete these important actions.
    Decrease in time spent on page — for every page on your site, you’ll be able to see how long the average visitor stays on that page. This is a tricky metric: a low time spent on page could indicate either that your site is so well designed that visitors seamlessly get to the next page they’re looking for, or that your site is not engaging enough, leaving users clicking from page to page to find the information they need until their ultimate departure.

If these three signs have you thinking that your site may be in need of a redesign, you’re not alone. But don’t simply pick out a new design that you think looks “nice”—use the valuable information you’ve gained from your current website to inform your design choices on the next site.
If you need a partner in this new redesign, contact Little Jack Marketing today. We have extensive experience in web design, from local small businesses to nationwide and international corporations. In addition, our detailed initial discovery and planning process will ensure that all the insights that can be gained from the performance of your current website will be used to improve the design and success of your next site.
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