A Case Study of Facebook Advertising and Its Efficacy

If you’re one of the smart ones who’ve been following our last few posts, then you’ll appreciate the significance of this Fist Pump. We’re going to perform a self-evaluation (different from self-analysis–we do that in the mirror every morning) on the efficacy of one of our own Facebook Campaigns. Hence, the following case study will demonstrate our marketing experience with a new client of ours,The Pet Wash. Watch out for flying stats, ‘cuz this puppy is sprayin’ wonders!
So, to break it down, we hooked up with The Pet Wash folks and agreed to do their marketing. We ran 5 separate ad campaigns and capped our budget at 500 bones over 28 days. Here’s what we’re looking at:

    • All Campaigns – Budget: $500.00; Total $ Spent: $489.06; # of Ads: 111; Total Campaign Reach: 485,941; Avg Frequency: 3.8; Total Social Reach: 46,021; Total Connections: 693; Total Clicks: 1,073; Avg CTR: 0.085%;


  • Campaign Name: Petwash-buynow; # of Ads: 22; Campaign Reach: 56,951; Frequency: 1.4; Social Reach: 229; Connections: 71; Clicks: 94; CTR: 0.115%;
  • Campaign Name: Petwash-sale-v1; # of Ads: 9; Campaign Reach: 116,658; Frequency: 4; Social Reach: 0; Connections: 0; Clicks: 99; CTR: 0.021%;
  • Campaign Name: Petwash-sale-v2; # of Ads: 10; Campaign Reach: 28,736; Frequency: 9.1; Social Reach: 28,133; Connections: 73; Clicks: 161; CTR: 0.062%;
  • Campaign Name: Petwash-stinkydog-v1; # of Ads: 37; Campaign Reach: 146,728; Frequency: 2.3; Social Reach: 4,981; Connections: 437; Clicks: 511; CTR: 0.151%;
  • Campaign Name: Petwash-weeklygiveaway-v1; # of Ads: 33; Campaign Reach: 136,868; Frequency: 2; Social Reach: 12,678; Connections: 112; Clicks: 208; CTR: 0.078%;

Oh yeah, for insight and/or definitions of any of the terms, we have them all laid out in earlier blog post (worth another read too, if you got the time) Does Facebook Advertising Really Work? Part 1 of 2.
So what do all these fancy numbers mean? We’ll tell you, just put down the redbull and remember to breathe. Above you will see the 5 Facebook advertising campaigns we ran over the course of our 28 day time frame. We individualized each campaign to accomplish its own objective, so as to widen the scope of our marketing efforts. Our primary objectives for the campaign project as a whole was to 1) Increase Brand Awareness, 2) Organically Create a Facebook Following, and 3) Increase Sales. Keep in mind we had to be effective in our strategy and also time-sensitive with our marketing lay-out. (Our intention here is to show how we implemented the tactics and marketing principles of our previous ‘How-To’ posts on Facebook Advertising)
Essentially, one campaign can consist of X number of ads, so what we did was group a couple of the ads together for testing purposes to determine whether certain ads worked more effectively with others or by themselves. Both campaigns can still have the same objective, the difference between the two sales campaigns is only the targeted market. All of the ads within one specific campaign had the same target market and the same landing page or landing tab. The ads we posted directed people to different landing tabs, depending on the campaign they checked out. If you look at the ‘Stinky Dog’ campaign, we set that one up with the Virtual Gift tab; the ‘Buy Now’ campaign was directed to the Buy Now tab; the ‘One Day Sale’ only lasted for one day (duh); and the ‘Weekly Giveaway’ campaign directed facebookers to The Pet Wash’s sweepstakes tab.
These tabs were our secondary objectives, the underlying point of all these campaigns was to drive our primary objectives (awareness, followers, sales) for the company. However, not unusual for social media advertising, we came just below our desired sales objective. No worries, our philosophy is if you’ve been locked out of the party, the only thing to do is keep knocking or find your way in through the window. As of right now, our results are indeterminate. The next ad campaign we run, we’ll be sure to tweak some marketing ploys and you can expect another post from us in the future once we get all that data back.
But the campaign did show some pretty strong results from all our internet labors! In the 28 days we had the ads running, we got a net total of 932 new ‘likes’, thereby increasing brand awareness. We mark that one on the list as a success. We got 269 facebookers to become engaged users, meaning this is the number of individual people who clicked on a post for more details. That definitely counts as an organically developed facebook following, success again! In addition, of the people Liking the Pet Wash page, 29% of them were interacting regularly with the page during the 28 days. Again, facebook following, a success. And the big one; during that time a total of 485,941 people saw the ads of this new company, the facebook page, and the website on a single social media network. Can you say Increased Brand Awareness?! That’s quite a reach, if we say so ourselves.
There you have it. Overall, this campaign was successful, nearly all our primary objectives were satisfied, but we will be sure to run another marketing campaign in the future to improve our stats even more. Once you take a sip from the cup of success, you’ll never go back to drink tap from the faucet again (if you catch our drift).
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