Plugged In: Utilizing Different Social Media Channels to Spread Your Brand

There’s no two ways about it: spreading your brand effectively in the online environment requires the use of multiple social media channels. But you just got done creating your new brand, you say? Little good it will do you without hittin’ the streets and spreading the word, my friend. And because we’re tech-y, by streets we mean social media channels. Like a faithful companion, wherever your customer base goes, you must follow.
Choose Wisely
With literally dozens of options to choose from, selecting the right social media channel can seem like a daunting task. For ideas, check where other businesses in your sector are building an online presence, and above all, use your common sense – if you make sounds, use Bandcamp; if your product translates well into visuals, consider Pinterest. If you’re selling a true niche product, consider building a presence on a web forum that specializes in the subject (trust us, if you can think of it, somewhere, deep in the bowels of the Internet, there exists a forum where people are nerding out about it this very minute).
The Classics
But some social media choices aren’t genre specific. Whatever your business does, it can probably benefit from a blog on your website, where customers can read about developments in the field and get a little part of the lifestyle of your brand. Blogs are always a good idea, because they add personality to your business, and, as they ideally provide valuable information, enhance your site’s visibility.
Most business also develop their social media presence on Facebook, less because Facebook’s platform relates particularly well to what they do and more because everyone is there. Creating a Facebook page for your business is something like the millennial equivalent of being in the Yellow Pages.
Link ‘Em In
Unless you have a dedicated, in-house social media team, you probably don’t have time to create completely different content for 4 different social media channels. This is where cross-linking channels can be incredibly effective. Got a great blog post? Link to it on Facebook, but lead in with a personal question related to the topic to increase involvement. Then, find the most audacious, interesting, or just plain strange sentence from your blog post and post it on Twitter – your followers will likely be intrigued.
In so many words, you are reusing the content, but adapting it to the new format. That last part is crucial, because hyperlinks are not in themselves appealing. For maximum impact when cross-posting content, always match the tone and strategy to the standards of the respective social media channel, lest you appear as a ruthless marketer. Unless, of course, your brand is being a ruthless marketer. Like us!
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