Rebrand: The Year to Put the Value Back in Your Marketing

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to our January newsletter! We hope you finished 2013 on a strong note, and that the year ahead brings your business unprecedented success. As we shut the door on the year of productivity, we want to frame 2014 as the year to reevaluate your brand and put the value back in your marketing strategy.   The idea is simple to explain: as online marketing content proliferates, it becomes harder to stand out online. Many online marketing companies are churning out content as if it was made on an assembly line, hit their word counts, and move on. But, while having new content is better than no content, a small business is unlikely to hit its growth goals with this kind of strategy.   In short, we believe in the unstoppable power of content that has value. Instead of content that is merely there, we believe in creating content that is impactful, engaging, and wins people over. The truth is, it shouldn’t feel like you are constantly reminding customers on social media that your business exists – your content should be valuable enough that your customers want to share it with each other on their own.   How do you design content that spreads itself in such a way? We’ll be exploring the topic all year. And we’re glad you’ll be with us.  

Client Profile:

  Sometimes, building a brand involves going against the grain. Lawyers, for example, tend to sometimes be viewed as…how should we say…not the most personable profession. They also don’t tend to be superstars at self-promotion. That’s something Jacob Sapochnick wanted to remedy when he came to us with the idea of   The website offers valuable content that aims to teach lawyers how to market themselves, build a web presence, and generally succeed in promoting their private practice. Jacob already had many great ideas for content, which he refined into a cohesive brand. We helped convey Jacob’s friendly, streamlined, approachable image through the design of his website (law websites can be notoriously clunky).   In the first month the website went live, it got over 350 unique visitors, and has not dipped below that mark yet. Of course, we’re hoping to see go much further than that in 2014.  

Industry Trend:

  A new word you might hear mentioned in 2014 is “real time marketing”. This is actually the new iteration of an existing concept – that of responsive, agile marketing.   What’s different in 2014 is that the marketing feedback loop continues to shrink, through the increasing ability to instantaneously measure marketing impact via various online analytics. You can then alter your strategy based on what’s working, and begin to test different ideas in that direction.   “Real time marketing” might involve live monitoring of your website to see which content is popular that day, then disseminating that content through other social media channels. Or, it might involve making changes to your ads on-the-fly when you see a certain promotion isn’t getting as much interest as it should be.   If it sounds expensive, the kind of thing a full-time dedicated marketing team would do, don’t worry. Cloud services for small business will continue to even the playing field in 2014, providing small businesses with many invaluable marketing tools at affordable costs.   We at Little Jack are super excited about what’s to come in 2014 and for having you with us for the journey. Here’s looking at you, kid.   [templatera id=”10395″]  

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