The Power of the Email Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the oldest forms of marketing. In this day and age, the email newsletter has been overshadowed by more glamorous marketing strategies such as social media and Search Engine Optimization.
But newsletters comprise an essential part of a content marketing strategy, for these reasons:

  1. They’re a form out outbound content marketing, and therefore complement inbound content strategies like blogging and social media. If your company can’t afford to actively advertise, a newsletter may very well be the only type of outbound marketing it has at its disposal.
  2. They offer maximum impact with the minimum amount of effort—you write the newsletter once, but every person on your list will see the message you’ve created. This makes the newsletter one of the most efficient marketing efforts in terms of time and resources vs. return on your investment.
  3. They help you build a running list of people who are actively interested in your company (they’d unsubscribe if they weren’t).
  4. They allow you to send promotional campaigns to highly targeted users. Be careful, however, as to not make your subscribers feel like they’re only used for advertising purposes.

If you’re thinking about starting up a newsletter, here are three tips on getting started:
Start building a list quickly, and keep building it. If you haven’t had a newsletter up to this point, you may find that you don’t have a list to send it to. To start building your list, reach out on your other media channels, such as your blog and social media platforms, and ask your followers to sign up for the mailing list. You should also consider giving your customers the option to join your mailing list at the time of purchase, which will build your list naturally over time.
Don’t oversell your subscribers. Unless your business and your newsletter lends itself to always advertising the latest deals, your subscribers won’t want to feel like every email they get from your is a hard sell. Instead, think of your newsletter as part-blog post, and offer some value (for example, by offering industry news or entertainment) in addition to advertising your product.
Monitor your results, and keep tweaking. Email analytics may not be as fancy as other web analytics, but they’ll still give you the basics such as open rates and clickthrough rates. You should feel free to experiment, for example, by doing an A/B test with two different subject lines to see which leads to higher open rates, and then doing the same with layouts, calls to action, and button placement as you perfect the format and content of your newsletter.
If you think your business may be ready a newsletter, but you’re unsure where to start, contact Little Jack Marketing today. We can help to get your newsletter off the ground, with everything from strategies to build your list, to the writing and execution of the emails themselves, to keeping an eye on the results and helping you increase conversions.
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