Why a Content Audit? The Benefits of Analyzing Your Content

Accounting regularly ranks among the least favorite activities of small business owners. At the same time, without accounting, a business has no way of knowing exactly how well it’s doing. As such, financial accounting is an occasionally time-consuming task that is nonetheless incredibly valuable.
All of these things also apply to the auditing of your online marketing content. (An “audit” is, after all, an accounting term.) A content audit is an analysis of how the content you produce is faring with your audience and ultimately affecting your company’s bottom line.
Analyzing your content in this way has a range of benefits, including:

  • Telling you what’s working and what isn’t. Simply put, analyzing your content will tell you which posts led to conversions and which ones fell flat.
  • Revealing what content your followers want to see more of, and what content flew over their heads. A variety of other metrics, such as “average time spent on page” and “bounce rate” will give you a sense of how engaging your content is for your followers.
  • Helping you discover your target audience. Frequently, a content audit helps a company discover who its target audience is, and this audience ends up being different from what the company assumed all along.
  • Facilitating the creation of best practices for content creation. You will now have content creation Do’s and Don’ts, based on the real-life performance data of your content.
  • Helping you identify new topics to cover. Often, a content audit can help spur your creative juices and get you thinking about what new topics you want to address with your content in the future.
  • Giving you ideas for new promotions. By letting you know what campaigns worked in the past, the content audit can give you a better sense of the kinds of online promotions you should be executing.
  • Allowing you to reimagine your content for other channels. Finding out what your best-performing pieces of content were can help you figure out how to restructure them for other channels such as presentations, books, videos, and social media.
  • Informing you how to move forward. Does your content audit show one channel losing steam while another one is growing exponentially? It’s may be time to dump the former and double down on the latter.
  • Enabling you to develop a more complete content marketing strategy. When you’re in the midst of content creation, it can be hard to retain a sense of perspective. The content audit, by giving you a bird’s-eye view of your entire content landscape, can help you see the strengths and gaps in your performance and how to correct them.

This may seem like a lot to do, and the truth is that, depending on the amount of content you produce, a content audit can be a pretty involved process. That’s why, in the same way that some companies employ an accountant to accurately assess their financial situation, some also outsource their content audit to a digital marketing agency.
To continue the conversation about how a content audit can specifically help your company, or to set up a consultation, contact us today.
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