Why Do People Even Like You? What is a Facebook Like?

We’ve been asking ourselves this question ever since elementary school (so let’s not get started on the whole psychological trauma thing). But this isn’t about us, it’s about understanding the anatomy of social media! As a small business owner, social media marketing (specifically facebook) is today’s bread and butter (maybe even meat and potatoes) for successful business movement and improvement. But getting inside the head of the facebook client is the real kicker. So with this fist pump, we plan on getting elbow-deep into the stuff and figuring out how to make the facebook business transaction as convenient, efficient, and painless as possible. (Ointments and bandages available below.)
Diving into a lesson in the Anatomy of a Facebook Fan is more than just dissecting the system and sticking those ‘thumbs-up’ into any old place you want. Once you begin to understand how the facebook fan thinks and responds in his natural habitat, you will be able to engage with him in a way that is more beneficial to him and to you as a business representative.
Slap on those scrubs and gloves, people, things could get messy! By paying close attention to this enlarged diagram, you will see that there are 3 distinct layers of engagment that can happen between the facebook fan and your facebook page. Depending on your personal circumstances, combined with the needs and interests of the fan, you may find yourself interacting with clientele anywhere from Light to Moderate to Heavy Engagement. At this point, if you are starting to sweat blood, then you might be thinking about this whole thing a little too hard. In a basic sense, keeping a balanced and natural relationship with these people is almost as commonplace as common sense. Think about it. Why do people like you? You say nice things, you do good things for them and for others, you offer generous deals, yadda yadda, they like you. Keep the communication and the relationship flowing. If they like your brand, post something worth their while on their profile page, or tag them in a post on your page. They will pass it on to like-minded friends and will gradually become more involved and present in your online efforts. Soon, it’ll catch on and before you know it the whole internet is dancing around with their thumbs in the air and posting your brand name on their walls. (Maybe less dancing, but you get it.)
If you haven’t caught on by now, we at Little Jack are big on the whole relationship thing. We believe communication and genuine and continued interactions really do drive the business enterprise. People like to see that they are being thought of and that others are working hard to make their lives a little easier. Do that. Especially in the social media marketing world, it is easier than ever to connect with people, but also just as easy to forget about them and get distracted with things that won’t build either of you up.
Well, even though this anatomy lesson is over, learning is never complete. There’s always more to discover and only enough time for so much, make sure you have your priorities straight when working with clients who are interested in what you do and always make space for getting to know them on a deeper level. Just leave the scalpel and formaldehyde in the laboratory.
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