Did You Catch It?! The Super Bowl With Social Media

If you didn’t catch the Superbowl this past Sunday, you were probably the only beandip-headed one in the country. But don’t worry! Social media has saved our lives once again. Everything from pre-game hype to post-victory analysis has been tweeted, posted, updated, streamed, and followed by all your buffalo wing-chugging friends and die-hard fan pages. We can definitely learn a lot from this year’s Superbowl in terms of social media marketing and how we can turn a small business launch into a huge deal (watch the half-time show and you’ll learn a thing or two about superstar face-lifts and leotard fist-pumps, too).
The Superbowl is one of those events that people who aren’t even into football watch because of the commercials and the half-time show (and don’t forget about getting sloshed on your friend’s couch and eating non-stop). With millions of viewers glued to the screen, it is an advertiser’s fantasy to get even just 30 seconds of airtime for their product or service to all these media hungry Americans. If you missed an ad when you went back to the fridge or unloaded at the bathroom, it’s easy to catch up on all the hype with which ads generated the most buzz.
Smart marketing (or “smarketing” as the nerds say) performed by advertisers during the big game involves a few things. The first one is Awareness. This is a big one. Now with the social media trend, everyone with a twitter account is a sports-reporter. Putting posts out there creates conversation and it grows, gains awareness, and starts a following.Once you start chatting, people will begin chiming in. It worked for SB XLVI, and don’t you football fans always have something to say? Even the big shots were giving their two cents, generating an enormous following during the game just by giving their opinions!
The next point is Relevance. As you might have noticed with the ads before, during, and after the game, none of them were selling baby diapers or nursing homes. They were sex-driven, beer-clinking, new-technology commercials focused on hitting the bulk demographic of superbowl viewers: the young adult to middle-aged red-blooded american consumer. Make sure you are advertising your product to the appropriate age range, gender, and socio-economic class. Did you see the Coca-Cola Polar Bear commercial? That definitely hits the soft spot for all thirsty game-watchers.
And the last point here is Continuing The Conversation. This is a fine line you should make sure you don’t overstep. Once people see that you’re active and consistent in your updates, they’ll rely on you and your tweets for getting their information. But if you start pestering them with old news and irrelevant topics, you’ll quickly become the annoying guy trying to hit on everyone’s girlfriend (so-to-speak).
Got it? If you want a couple extra pointers, figuring out how to follow events like the Super Bowl is made easy with this quick social media tutorial.
Keep your eyes open, people. Who said you couldn’t learn anything from watching 4 hours of heavy-bodied men in tights crush each others’ bones for a little brown ball? Get with the program!
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