Our Favorite Mother’s Day Campaigns

Mother’s Day is one of the most emotionally resonant holidays of the year, and it’s no wonder marketers everywhere are trying to capitalize on the slew of positive feelings be making some memorable ad campaigns.
Here are our favorite Mother’s Day campaigns from the past few years, and why we think they stood out from the competition.

Brawny – Once a Mother Always a Giant

In many ways, this is a conventional Mother’s Day ad, featuring a montage of typical moments from childhood and showing how ever-present moms are, from the happy moments, to the sad, to the messy. By showing everything from the point of view of the child, though, (low POV, adults look giant) this commercial adds a unique perspective and some silliness.

Oeschle – Mom Doesn’t Want It

One of the most creative campaigns we’ve seen as of late, this Peruvian department store decided to do its part for moms on Mother’s Day. Instead of following the convention and putting things on sale, they dramatically increased prices for gifts that moms don’t actually want (think: bathroom scale, clothes iron). This creative way of thinking helped the campaign go viral in its home country, and even get attention in the U.S.

SOS Children’s Villages – No Mother’s Day

This campaign for an organization that supports orphans doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has a very interesting and literal interpretation of the Mother’s Day holiday (“We don’t get our moms gifts, we don’t even call”) that highlights the absence in their lives, and hits home with viewers.

MRY – Mom’s Explain What Their Kids Do

Is there anything funnier than people who don’t understand technology trying to explain technology? This lighthearted campaign features a slew of moms who try to explain what their kids who work for a digital advertising agency actually do, with hilarious results.

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