The Best World Cup Commercials

The World Cup is over and the efficient Germans won over the unpredictable Argentinians. If you’re now in the process of getting the shakes from soccer withdrawal, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here is our list of the best World Cup commercials we saw over the past month:
1. At the top of our list is Kia’s genius line of commercials featuring Adriana Lima giving a couple of average Americans a soccer “makeover”. We should mention that hiring supermodels is basically the marketing equivalent of cheating–it works even if the idea behind the commercial isn’t particularly clever. However, Kia’s commercial is certainly clever, and they’ve done well by focusing on soccer instead of overemphasizing Kia, and by imploring us all “For one month, let’s all be futbol fans.”
2. Nike’s World Cup ad was also impressive. The original ad was a 5 minute Youtube short film about an evil genius who decides to turn a bunch ofsuperstars (Ronaldo, Neymar) into more predictable players. The result? Soccer loses it’s appeal. The point Nike is driving at is that for soccer, the unique (and loud) player personalities are a key part why people love the game.
3. We like the humor in the commercials Lay’s released with Leo Messi (Pepsi also jumped on board with a similar ad). The crux of these commercials is that even the most famous soccer player in the world can’t keep his chips from getting stolen. People are mesmerized by the crunchy snack instead of by him, leading to some funny moments.
4. This smart Hyundai ad features a man desperately avoiding TVs playing the game while trying to get home and watch the version he has diligently recorded for himself. Needless to say, things don’t exactly go his way. Through the various “obstacles”, the commercial accurately portrays the World Cup “fever” that descends upon the world every 4 years.
5. Falling on the “inspirational” side of the spectrum, this Beats by Dre commercial has a variety of clips of famous players getting ready for the World Cup while listening to their Beats headphones. We think the song (“Jungle”) works well with the video work, and there are still some funny clips of the lengths fans are willing to go to show love for their team.
That about does it for the Little Jack-approved World Cup commercial list. We are big fans of creative advertising, and want to urge all our readers to send us commercials they find impressive, funny, or just plain strange. Inevitably, there is something to be learned about marketing from every one of them.
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