The Missing Step Between Brand and Content

Many companies spend some serious time thinking about what their brand represents, but when the time comes to create marketing content, time constraints and a lack of clearly defined brand guidelines result in a disconnect between their brand and the tone of the content created by their staff.
What’s the missing step between your company’s brand and the content it produces? It’s something we call the Brand Positioning Story, though a similar document probably exists under a different name in many companies that take their brand seriously.
The Brand Positioning Story is a document whose precise purpose is to tie the brand voice to content creation; it amounts to a brand cheat sheet that helps you get in tune with your brand voice whenever you need some extra inspiration before putting words to paper (or screen).
The BPS first helps to define brand tone, visual presentation, and brand character, and then uses examples and scripts to show you exactly how to channel these into your online content creation practices. The result? A stronger and more effective online brand.
To help you create consistently great content, the Brand Positioning Story creates a brand character that you can get into every time you’re about to create content for your brand. It includes both what to do (e.g. “use strong, positive adjectives”) and what not to do (e.g. “don’t use industry jargon when plain-English will do”). Then, to solidify these concepts, the BPS offers copy examples of various types of communications, such as website copy, blog posts, letters to clients, and even internal company communications.
In addition to these textual guidelines, the BPS also outlines the visuals that define your brand—from consistent logos, to color and font choices, to tips on selecting brand-consistent stock or original photography.
The initial creation of the Brand Positioning Story obviously takes time and resources, but that investment will be repaid in the improved consistency and effectiveness of the content being generated by your staff.
For more information on the benefits of the Brand Positioning Story, see our posts The 7 Benefits of the Brand Positioning Story and Using Your Brand Positioning Story to Generate Great Content. And if you have any additional questions about what the BPS can do for your brand and your content creation needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.
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