what to expect from a local marketing coach

What to Expect From a Local Marketing Coach

Perhaps you’ve reached a point in your marketing efforts where you are considering outside help. But what exactly does that look like? What can you expect from a local marketing coach? How do you know when you’ve found the right fit?

While not every local marketing coach will be the same, there are some basic things you can expect to see in your interactions.

This quick guide will explain what a marketing coach does and what you can reasonably expect so that you can identify the solution that makes the most sense for your business.

What Exactly is a Marketing Coach?

A marketing coach is a type of consultant who works with business owners to develop and grow marketing strategies and capabilities. 

Where a marketing consultant may tell you what you need to do and walk away or do it all for you with little to no back and forth, a marketing coach is likely to take a more in-depth approach. 

A marketing coach will take more time to understand your business, product/service, industry, local target audience, and, perhaps most importantly, your goals and objectives. 

Armed with this information, the ideal marketing coach will work alongside you, developing effective marketing strategies specific to you. 

A local marketing coach will take this further by helping you maximize the valuable opportunities within your local community and geographical area. 

What You Can Expect From Your Marketing Coach

Before you enter a relationship with a marketing coach, it’s understandable that you’d want to understand a little more about what it all means for you. 

Here’s what you can expect from your local marketing coach:

More Confidence Navigating Your Marketing Strategy

Managing your marketing strategy AND running a business is a lot. For many, it is too much to handle. 

Marketing is time-consuming; it can be especially difficult if you do not fully understand what you are doing. Even if you do understand marketing strategies and how to apply them, marketing is a job that requires a consistent focus, and it’s unlikely that you have the time. 

A marketing coach can increase your marketing knowledge while providing valuable insight and tips into where to best spend your time, budget, and efforts. In the end, you will have an effective marketing plan that empowers you to move forward and make decisions about this and future marketing campaigns. 

Advice on How to Grow Your Business, Not Just Marketing Techniques

As we said before, a marketing coach does more for your business than develop and execute marketing plans. With marketing coaching, you will get expert advice and practical steps for growing your business base. 

Marketing techniques are great, but if they don’t also come with insights into your specific business, location, niche, and target audience, they will not do much to help you grow. 

Techniques without proper context and application are fairly empty and will do little to support long-term growth. 

Support Tracking and Meeting Your Marketing Objectives 

Every business owner knows how easy it is to get lost in the weeds and lose sight of your objectives. 

A marketing coach can lead you out of the wilderness and get you back on track with your goals. This includes setting long-term business growth goals, aligning them with your overall business objectives, and setting realistic KPIs. By aligning your business goals and marketing strategy, the path will be clearer. 

A Clearer Overview of Your Business KPIs

To truly nail your marketing strategy, you need to understand how each of your efforts is performing. 

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is the best way to understand exactly what is happening. Marketing coaching can also recommend realistic key results you should hit, like data points for value-based goals and milestones for activity-based goals. 

Your marketing coach can help you hone in on the most important metrics. These can be used to direct your focus to the most effective strategies and may help you find new avenues for success. 

Some KPIs that could be tracked include: 

  • Website traffic
  • Email marketing statistics like sign-ups, open rates, and click-through rates
  • Customer conversion rates
  • Search engine rankings
  • Social media reach and engagement

Someone Who Will Help Stay on Budget

Marketing budgets can go sideways in a hurry. A successful business owner, especially a small business owner, knows how important it is to stay within budget. 

And the unfortunate reality is that some people spend too much time on their marketing campaigns with little to show for it. 

A marketing coach can streamline your processes and indicate where you should spend your valuable time. Your coach can deliver expertise that will potentially speed up the process, allowing you to see better results for your marketing dollars. 

More ROI Generation

We’ve all heard the stories of wildly successful marketing campaigns. What we don’t often hear is the time that went into honing and refining the campaign or the less successful efforts that may have come first. 

A marketing coach will take the time to understand your business and your audience before offering advice or developing a campaign. With this understanding, it is then possible to increase your chances of marketing success, stretching your marketing dollars and bringing new customers or clients in return. 

Better Client Retention

Imagine you could retain customers AND bring in new ones. Doing so would certainly result in better profit margins for your business. 

With a marketing coach, you can develop your marketing campaigns to target different audience segments. Marketing to people who do not know you exist and marketing to people who have previously enjoyed your products or services should be slightly different. 

If you can speak directly to the needs and interests of those previous clients, you are far more likely to keep them.  

Ongoing Support (When You Need It)

One of the most valuable aspects of working with a coaching service is the support they can offer when you need it most. 

Marketing is an evolving thing. It is constantly in flux, and if you are also running a business, it can be nearly impossible to stay ahead of the shifting marketing landscape. 

Your marketing coach will know the trends and can answer your questions and support you through any shifts or changes that need to be made. They can provide advice and ensure you are headed in the right direction. 

Expertise and Advice, Rather Than a Consultant Who Does The Work

Someone who does all the work is great sometimes, don’t get us wrong; however, if someone always does it for you, you will never learn or understand how to do it yourself. And, if someone does the work and walks away, what do you do if you need to adjust or have a specific marketing question?

To be a true marketing success story, you must understand what is happening. You need to understand why certain choices make more sense, why a particular strategy makes sense for your business, and you need to understand how to apply this knowledge. 

A good coach will provide advice and expertise while setting you up to succeed. A marketing coach will show you the ropes while empowering you to make your own decisions, growing the relationship between the two of you. The more the two of you understand each other, the more everything falls into place. 

It’s Possible to Find the Right Marketing Coach

Reaching out for marketing help and advice can be difficult. It’s hard to know who to trust. There are, however, a few things you can look for in a marketing coach that will let you know that you are on your way to a proper fit. 

A good marketing coach will have:

  • Knowledge of the current marketing industry, as well as an understanding of its past and where it may be headed in the future
  • Documented previous experience and success
  • Clear tools and data that support their recommendations

But remember, coaching is also about listening and building relationships. The right marketing coach for you will take the time to get to know you, to understand your business, and to tailor their recommended strategies to your specific needs. 

In short, a good coach is a coach you can talk to, and a coach that listens to you. 

What Makes Little Jack Marketing Unique?

In a world full of marketing professionals, Little Jack Marketing stands alone. 

As a team of marketing experts, we take a holistic approach to your business and support you each step of the way. 

What sets Little Jack Marketing apart is the knowledge that marketing tactics on their own are not enough. We can help you establish value-based goals and will tailor marketing actions to further those goals. 

With Little Jack Marketing, we give you the ability to focus on your overall marketing objectives and running your business while we do the time-consuming, complicated things like optimizing your social media accounts and executing SEO strategies to improve your rankings. What’s more, we will check in with you regularly to see how things are going. Maybe we need to reevaluate what we’re doing, or maybe we just say hi, share a laugh or two, and then all get back to doing what we do. 

We take the time to really get to know you. We always start with a free consultation to understand where you are, what’s working, what isn’t, and where you want to go. From there, we dive into your brand, online reputation, and marketing analytics. Once completed, we can get you set up on your marketing dashboard and tool kit. 

Finding the Best Fit for Local Marketing Coaching

You may have tried marketing in the past, alone or with a marketing agency, and not been successful. 

Little Jack Marketing does more than give you the tools you need to get found by potential clients and customers; we show you how to use them. Your dedicated marketing coach will work with your specific marketing goals in mind, so you never have to waste time (or money!) on things that aren’t going to help. 

We take great pride in helping our clients get found. Are you ready to be found? Reach out to Little Jack Marketing today to book your free discovery call!

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