Can Grandpa Still Dance? Email vs Social Media in Today’s Marketing World

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about how email is dying out and how social media is taking the floor as the main flapper for marketing and communication these days. We found this interesting…very interesting (chin-stroke) so we decided to pump this week out with an examination of the reality and integration of email and social media. But before you start gettin’ all teary-eyed and planning funeral roses for brave, old email, let’s check out the facts.
Sure, nowadays email seems the most “old-fashioned” of the electronic connections, but its efficacy and relevance definitely hasn’t lost its place in society. Email still remains the most widely used form of identification for setting up accounts, keeping in touch, and even setting up social media profiles (go figure). We use our emails for everything, they function almost like signatures connecting you to the world. The value of email cannot be ignored. It’s about as important to our virtual identity as our social-security numbers. We use them for everything on and offline now! Did we mention that we use them for everything?
Right, so what’s the point here? The point is that even in the advent of social media permeating all marketing and communication efforts, it would be foolish (that’s a polite way of saying it) to ignore that email is the best way to make solid connections with others. The idea now is to start integrating social media into emails.
Social Media Examiner is on the same page with us. Check out 9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing into your advertising objectives. The main idea behind most of these ‘ways’ is to use both email and social networks to reinforce your relationship with clients and to get them to share your stuff. It’s called EMAIL MARKETING. Can you believe it? Since emailing is more personal and individualized, people are more willing to respond to an email asking to subscribe to your blog or page than if they passed by it on facebook. Use emailing as a tool to launch your social media networks! Kaboom!
It works vice versa, too. You can share your email campaigns on your social media sites and let your fans choose which communication method they prefer. This will allow you to reach a larger audience base and connect with them based on their preferences. Maybe you’ve heard this line before: Once you go social, prepare for proposals! (uhh, that means you’ll be popular). Ways of integrating are simple and plenty. Fear not, young tweetster!
The important thing to remember from all this ranting is that email is crucial to social marketing expansion. Use it to its full potential to extend your clientele outreach and their involvement with your business. Now, we’re not professional mathematicians or anything, but these Email Marketing statistics show that email volumes per clientele are continuing to grow every year. That’s right. Even with all this social media marketing, email is on the rise for marketing interaction. Must be something to it, eh?
There ya go! Pump that into your Friday and see if it changes how you and your clients interact. We’d love to hear how this helps. Shoot, you can even email us!
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