Creating Killer Proposals: Product Review

In our line of work, efficiency is the golden virtue. Business and marketing runs on people who are geared for constant production and improvement, but without the right tools, you’ll be sweating more than you need to. We are always on the prowl for new products that enhance our work performance (so we have time for other cool projects too). Bidsketch is a new web-based proposal application we’ve just started using, and we figure giving an honest review about this product would help our fellow-fist-pumpers decide if they could benefit from it as well.
Busy people like us don’t have spare time to write about products that are not worth-while.Bidsketch has helped us make client proposals a gabillion (huge number) times easier and less stressful. And take it from us, when your life is less stressful, interacting with your clients is way smoother and more fruitful (kinda like a fruit smoothie).
Here’s a little demo of Bidsketch that takes you through the general operation of the program. Products like this that focus on integrating convenience are usually made by people who work in the same field and who know what users are looking for.
Browse through the website and see how it feels. Some key cool features we appreciate include:

  • Templating: the convenient option of creating Opening Sections, Closing Sections, One Time Fees, and Recurring Fees helps structure the template of each proposal you make. Once you’ve created them you can select the appropriate template to design your proposals.
  • Categorizing Items: You can categorize your assembled templates to organize individualized proposals and ensure you’ve included all necessary components of every proposal you write.
  • Customize Sections: You can quickly and easily reorganize or customize any previously created section to fit specific proposal needs.
  • Electronic Signature: This feature is quite impressive for the client and is legally binding (and it’s pretty dang cool, too).
  • Integrates with Freshbooks: This feature allows for invoices to be easily created from Accepted Proposals. Though it works well, we would have liked to see a more sophisticated sync in this particular department. It doesn’t significantly deter from using the Bidsketch application, but (in all honesty) this slight inconvenience can’t be ignored. For example- clients created in Bidsketch are not synced with Freshbooks (only Freshbooks to Bidsketch) we have to do that leg work on our own. Sigh. Otherwise, solid feature!

Well, there’s our two-cents for Bidsketch! Go ahead and try it out if you’re not using it already and let us know how it compares to your previous method of proposal writing. Let us know what you think of this or any new product you’ve found to be more efficient for you. Feedback is what feeds us! So please be generous.
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