Enhancing Visibility: The Getting Found Online Wrap-up

If you’ve stuck by us over the past month, you should now be a maverick in making your business findable by local customers. All the steps to success were handily broken down in last week’s infographic, and most of them don’t take too long to implement — claiming your location on Google Maps, or installing a mobile-friendly plugin on your website are one time tasks with long-term benefits. Others, such as monitoring customer reviews and utilizing more local keywords in your content take more commitment, but we wouldn’t have told you about them if they weren’t basically guaranteed to get you hordes of new customers.
We want to emphasize that, like most brand-building online efforts, you might not see immediate (read: same month) increases in revenue from these changes. This in no way means that you should abandon ship and move on to the next hot ticket in online marketing. Getting found locally is really about two things:

  1. Increasing local exposure to new Internet-savvy customers, for whom local Internet search is second only to word of mouth.
  2. Gaining and retaining legitimacy in a world that is quickly moving online, in which businesses without an online presence seem outdated.

There’s really no other way to put it: claiming your local turf is the first step of a sound online marketing strategy. Without a tight grip on your local area, how can you hope to satisfy customers that are farther away, or to expand into a new location?
So please, implement these changes, stick with them, and hold yourself accountable. If you keep up with our monthly, goal-driven initiatives, we guarantee that on January 1st of next year you will look back on 2013 as a game-changing year for your business.
Next month, we’ll be delving into the science of getting customers (having freshly discovered you!) to take the first action — whether that’s liking your Facebook page or showing up at your store.
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