Evaluating Your Marketing Strategy: How to Tell If What You're Doing Is Working

If you run a business in the 21st century, you inevitably know about the value of marketing. Chances are, whatever the size of your business, you invest some amount of resources into marketing. But how do you know if the marketing you’re doing is working? The answer will depend on the kind of business you do, because different types of companies have different types of goals. However, there are some across-the-board wins that are a surefire way to tell your marketing strategy is working:

1. Revenue is up

The old-school way to tell if your strategy is working is by measuring increases in revenue. However, ask yourself if you can directly ascribe the revenue to a particular marketing campaign or channel, so you know where to double down.

2. Web visits are up

Higher web traffic means your products or services are exposed to a wider audience, which is always a good thing.

3. Organic web visits are up

Increased web visits from organic sources are proof that your inbound marketing is working, because they indicate that customers are finding you on their own.

4. You’re ranking high for relevant keywords

If you’re ranking in the top few search results for your relevant long-tail keywords, this will make it much easier for new customers to find you. The days of SEO hacking are over, so focus on a solid content marketing strategy instead to boost your search rankings.

5. Bounce rate is down

A lower bounce rate means more people are sticking around on your site, because they find the content useful. Check average bounce rates for your industry, and try to beat that average by tweaking your site over time and measuring the results.

6. Your email list is growing

Your email list gives you the opportunity to regularly communicate with a large group of people who trust you. Whether you’re actively trying to monetize your mailing list or simply trying to grow it, its value should not be underestimated.

7. You’re getting cited on other sites

If other sites are linking to you as an “expert” on a particular issue, that’s a huge win not only in terms of receiving acknowledgement and building your brand, but also for the practical purposes of increasing web traffic.

8. Paid ads are paying off

If you’re have a monthly budget for paid ads, it’s easy to get complacent and let the campaigns run on autopilot without being sure if the money you’re spending is worth it. Check your conversions often and keep optimizing your ad campaigns to make sure you’re getting results.

9. Social media followers are engaging

Is your social media account home to a lively exchange or to chirping crickets? Social media is fundamentally about engagement, so a good marketing strategy will figure out a way to get your followers to take action.

10. Your employees are your advocates

Nothing proves that you’ve created an amazing brand like employees who are inspired and passionate about spreading the word about your product or service. When building your brand, start from the inside of your company and work your way out from there.
Keep in mind that these 10 goals work synergistically—improving on one often helps with the others. Still, if you’re trying to improve your marketing strategy as a whole, it’s best to focus on just 2 or 3 of these goals at a time and give them your full attention before moving on to the others.
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