Facebook Hacks: 3 More Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Marketing

A few weeks ago, we discussed some ways in which you can better integrate Facebook into your marketing strategy. It turned out to be a really popular topic, and because Uncle Jack doesn’t like to disappoint, we decided to give you three more tips in a classic “these go to eleven” moment.

Create Personalities

Unless your company has a super-unique brand voice that never gets old, daily posts can easily get stale. To avoid being that company and stop people from hitting the unsubscribe button, try the old split personality trick. Seen Psycho? Interesting.
The easiest way to do this is to get different people in your company to post content, each adopting the personality that naturally comes to him or her. The difference doesn’t need to be earth-shattering. Maybe one guy is the funnyman. Another could be the self-deprecating nerdy-informative guy. Or the super cool, trendy girl.
The alternative, if you’re a lone wolf, is to do all the voices yourself. In this case, you might want to work these personalities down on paper in order to make sure they’re sufficiently different. Feel free to create a backstory for each one, but don’t get too obsessive and write the next Lord of the Rings or anything.

Cultivate Your Inner Circle

No matter how many FB friends you manage to gather, you’ll notice that 10% of them tend to 90% of the work. They’ll be the ones clicking on links, commenting, and sharing your content on their walls. These people are really into your product, in a way that, if it wasn’t your product, you would think they were lame. If white russians had a Facebook page, The Dude would be this kind of fan.
It’s crucial that you learn to recognize, acknowledge, and cultivate these kinds of fans. They will do a lot of work for you, and make your life a lot easier by sharing your content with the world. They’re the game changers. Appreciate them. Shower them with praise.

Schedule Your Posts

Psychologists refer to the feeling of doing something that you love as being in a state of “flow”. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably get into your state of flow when business is a-crackin’ and the money is a-flowin’. And while we at Little Jack live and breathe Facebook, we realize that some business owners might consider having to post several times a day an interruption to their focus.
To avoid this and save extra time, you should try to schedule your posts for an entire week at the same time. Take an hour Sunday night and schedule 10 posts. You won’t have to waste time brainstorming and logging in while you’re doing other things.
If you think about it hard, it might occur to you that there’s something deeply strange about taking posts on a website that’s supposed to be all about “personality” and scheduling them with mechanical precision. So don’t think about it hard then, genius. Do note, though, that this time-saving tip comes at the cost of having a more distant Facebook persona — you have to decide which is more important to you, your time or your social media involvement.
OK, amigo. Between last time and this post, you should have your Facebook bases covered pretty well. Keep building that fan base, and when you get as popular as Bieber, feel free to do a celebratory fist-pump.
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