Five Essential Elements to A/B Test on Your Landing Page

A landing page should be sleek, streamlined, and laser-focused on getting people to convert to your product or service. Because every part of the landing page should be doing some “work” toward that, in an ideal world you should A/B test everything on your landing page. But, because that’s not a practical option for most business owners, let’s go over some of the most-essential elements of a landing page you should A/B test if you’re strapped for time or resources.

URL, Meta Title and Meta Description

Believe it or not, even things as boring as your URL and metadata could have an effect on clickthrough rates to your landing page. People can see all these elements from the search result, and the right combination of title, description and URL could get you more clicks.

What to test:
  • URL Length and Wording in the URL. Example: /free-marketing-ebook vs. /guide-to-contact-marketing
  • Title Length and wording. Example: Get a Free 1-Hour Guitar Training Session vs. Online Guitar Training for Beginners.
  • Description Focus. Example: CTA vs. Describing the Page


It’s actually very hard to predict what kind of images your audience will respond to, so A/B tests are crucial when choosing images. One way to conduct your initial test would be to start with two images that are pretty different—when the A/B test shows what people prefer, you can get more granular and do some A/B testing within that category.

What to test:
  • Image size
  • Image layout
  • Image styling (B&W, effects)
  • Image content
  • Text Overlays on Images

The Heading

An attention-grabbing heading is a must for any landing page. Along with the image, it’s likely the first thing your visitors will notice, and it will help them decide whether to read on or not. In our experience, titles that are unexpected or unusual tend to work better than run-of-the-mill titles that just state the name of the product.

What to test:
  • Size, color, placement and layout
  • Messaging (Call to action vs. Punchy Tagline)

The Offer

Often, you may be confident in the offer you’re making, but find out that your audience isn’t really interested. The best thing to do, in our opinion, is to roll out at least two, or preferably three different offers, and see which has the highest conversion rate.

What to test:
  • Straight discount
  • Bonus with purchase
  • Urgency/limited time offer
  • Free trial, with eventual purchase

The Call-to-Action

The call-to-action is the final step before conversion, and for that reason probably deserves the most amount of testing.

What to test:
  • Design & layout
  • Format: question, statement, imperative
  • Button text
  • Adding a counter of already purchased

Setting up a campaign with dedicated landing pages is no easy task, particularly when you’re talking about having slightly different versions of each page. If you’re finding the process challenging, we’re here to help you through it!
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