Hook, Line, and Clicker: Writing Killer Email Headlines

If you’ve been one of the smart ones following our last few first pumps, you’ll know that email is still the most lucrative means of scoring business action and marketing deals. Of course, how could you forget? Now that we’re on the same page, the next step for actualizing this knowledge is execution. That’s just fancy talk for saying ‘you gotta nail the crowd with some killer headlines!’ Email Headlines are the attention grabbers, the wrapping on the package, the topping on the creamsicle–initially drawing in your audience is the most important step to selling your goods.
Back in the day newspaper boys on the street were yelling from their newsstand “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” There was a simple, urgent headline on the paper and people snatched them up faster than they snatch salmonella at Old Country Buffet. That’s essentially the flame that needs to be reignited in the virtual world. People are busy today, we need (and like) things that are short and sweet, to the point, and that are relevant to our lives. If it doesn’t apply to us, you can forget about even raising an eyebrow.
Copyblogger has the Fundamentals, the Specifics, and the Secret Sauce on the whole deal. Irresistible, we tell ya! Once you’ve landed the 4 U’s of Fundamentals: Useful, Ultra-Specific, Unique, and Urgent the combination of these elements will have the masses droolin’ over their keyboards.
Now the actual composition is a bit of a creative venture. Get those juices flowin’! (the creative juices, we mean) It takes a bit of practice to get into the zone, but once you do, it’s all rainbows and high-fives (we realize this sounds like the Pride Parade, but trust us, it’s about email headlines). If you’re the kind of hair-puller who likes some rules in your life, check out the 15 rules to writing the ‘right’ email headlines. You’ll realize there really are no ‘rules,’ just guidelines. The head of the matter is that you write things people will actually want to read. Let your brain do some work. Here’s a tip. Start by thinking very basically: what would YOU read? (ain’t that always the rub?) Need a little more help? Some seem to think these 4 words are the golden ticket to scoring a click.
There are a lot of other ways to go about doing it and every expert will have their own methods. Once you become an expert yourself, consider taking some tips from others. The key word is Catchy so get those fishing nets ready, buddy!
There you have it, folks! Headlines that’ll hook ‘em! Go through this fist pump and see what tips work best for you. Once you get the hang of it, people will be throwing themselves through their computer screens to devour whatever saucy stuff you got brewing behind those headers. Happens to us all the time.
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