How to Please Your Clients: The Old-Listen-and-Engage Pointer

So you’ve figured out how to swoon the ladies over to your place, but how do you keep them coming week after week? You gotta keep ‘em happy, slim. In case you haven’t caught on, we’re talking about hooking in customers and maintaining their interest as engaged clients (ahem). Because if they like what’s goin’ on with your business, they’ll definitely spread the word to their friends and that certainly ain’t bad news!
The question is how do we keep our clientele engaged? Well, when using social media as a launching point (which is the only way to work now, by the way) make sure you inform yourself on the things that actually get results. Don’t reinvent the wheel, New Researchhas already been calculated. You want to know how your audience behaves. First find out what audience you are targeting (no-brainer), then find out how they spend their time online. That can be done the old-fashioned way: asking them. Once you get a better idea of what websites they frequent and the sites or pages they are involved with, you can start posting content on your page that will resonate with them. If they feel like topics are relevant to their lives and their line of work, they will definitely be more inclined to add input than for a picture of, say, Norwegian quilt-makers (just throwin’ it out there).
One of the big points you need to take away from this Fist Pump is USE FACEBOOK. The data has been collected, the scholars have confirmed, and Zuckerberg is chuckling on a beach in the Bahamas with a Shirley Temple in his hand; people use facebook like horse-jockeys use laxatives (all the damn time…we’ve been around the track, trust us). Utilize this social media connection as a leverage point. You can Gain More Fans by following these quick rules, the best of which we think are the last two. Ask questions and Appreciate your fans with deals and specials (if you haven’t noticed, we’re real big on the whole relationship thing). Ask questions to get your fans involved. People love feeling useful. Milk it. Appreciate your fans by offering special deals for fans-only. This will encourage potential clients to get cozy and all-fan-like with your goods.
If your fans are happy with the way things are going, that’s a good start, but don’t think coasting like that is going to keep your numbers high. You need to start getting them more active. You must become the facilitator and they will naturally begin to communicate more frequently with things that are of interest to them. The goal here is to Get Fans to Share Your Content more and more. To figure out what people are interested in sharing, try out different things. Post videos, photos, short articles, long articles, and what-have-yous. Make sure that stuff is fiery-flame-jalapeno provoking and not just plain-dull-boring ketchup. We’ve found that videos are usually a fan-favorite (hint hint) and are shared most often between friends.
No doubt Facebook is the best way to go for social media brand awareness and networking, but beware of the new Timeline feature. There are pros and cons to this thing, but it’s still a bit early in the game to see how things will fare out. We suggest you get real familiar with this feature and don’t hesitate to ask your fans how they feel about it.
Remember, just because the relationship has started on a good note, doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing from here. You gotta get gifts, throw in a surprise every once in a while, and keep it exciting if you want to see smiles. Easy, Big Guy. Still talking purely business over here.
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