Network Like a Pro – 5 Steps When Meeting New People

Guest Post by Diana Vetter
Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels making connections or should I say trying to make connections? After that long networking event you get home exhausted to realize now you have to contact everyone that you met and hope they answer (or not really because it is easier to leave a voicemail). What about when you finally reach someone and they tell you they are already working with someone else or that they are not really interested. Is this a never ending cycle you struggle with? Not anymore – Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to building rapport, relationships, and new clients like never before!
1. The sweetest sound to a person is the sound of her own name – When you first meet someone and exchange names – remember it! Actively say her name throughout conversation and you will avoid saying to yourself later, “shoot, what was her name again?” Also, when you use her name 2 or 3 times throughout the conversation you are letting her know you are listening. Your new friend will remember your conversation.
2. Let the other person do the talking! – Ask questions to learn what your new friend needs and then listen – truly listen to her responses. By listening you can determine if your services are a good fit to do business together.
3. Find a common interest – You know the degrees-of-separation-game that everyone plays (do you know so-and-so who went to the same school as you?), right? The reason people do this is because the ‘want’ to connect is human nature – if you can connect with your new friend on various levels and not just business it will build more trust and she will more likely do business with you.
4. You set the next steps – Show that you are a leader – If you are going to contact your new friend, tell her when you will contact her. People can sense if you are confident and how you will conduct your business.
5. Don’t waste anybody’s time, everyone is busy – You now know her name, you learned what her needs are, you found stuff you have in common, and you set next steps for communication. To seal the deal, tell her why you want to meet with her – Why is your next meeting going to be mutually beneficial? As an added bonus, give authentic compliments. Everyone wants to hear why she is fabulous!
Be honest with yourself when you are meeting new people, not everyone is a fit for what you are looking for – let them go. There are thousands of people that want to do business with you, talk to as many people as possible to find who will be the game changers in your business! At the end we want our clients and customers to become raging fans. Fans want to see you succeed, will do their part to see you get there, and cheer you on the entire game!
About the author:
Diana Vetter graduated from Black Hills State University in South Dakota with a degree in Elementary Education. She taught inner city for a year until she decided to put her future in her own hands and became a director with Mary Kay, Inc. Diana now has a team of amazing women that she coaches and mentors – helping them to grow their business and achieve success! Her goal is to become a National Sales Director, travel around the country to speak and empower others, and eventually open a school! Life is good 🙂
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