Redesign Your Website Like A Boss

Our current culture of ADD, overcritical, opinionated websurfers constantly looking to be impressed and satisfied with their internet browsing sure puts a lot of pressure on the web designers trying to stand out from the rest of the pack. (We have sympathy for the surfers, don’t worry, we’re one of them too).Staying up to date with the ever-changing website, blog, and social media culture is essential for keeping viewers interested and frequenting your site. In this article, we’ll address a few pointers on how to redesign your website and help those quick-clickers and fast-blinkers lock in on your station and keep perusing.
Well, you could use firecrackers and have hot chicks hanging around the margins of your website, but let’s take a more reasonable approach to virtually revamping your style. When redesigning your website there are three main categories to focus on. 1) Objectives 2) Design and 3) Technology. Let’s start with the first one. And hang on, this could get wild.
The OBJECTIVE or goal for your website should be asking fundamental questions in the context of consumer viewing:
How are people using it?
If you get drive-by customers, window-shoppers, or bored clientele, then the problem here is getting them to become paying customers. What we’re about to say may shock some of you: Communication. Get feedback from your customers, build relationships with them and figure what they do or do not enjoy on the website. This is an ongoing process, but the objective here is to Turn Visitors Into Customers.
What do your customers want from the website?
This question should come after you’ve figured out the first point. Very simply, it’s acting on the feedback you get (duh); take clientele responses into consideration. Do your homework and manage your content accordingly. Make a list of what is a priority and what is superfluous. Spend the bulk of your time addressing the main points. Give the people what they want!
What is your general vision for the website?
Ah yes. The good old think tank. Organize the direction and objective of your site from the perspective of a customer. And make sure it is done in a way that is appealing and convenient for the customer, not you! Use Writing the Perfect Website for some tips on how to write RFP (Request for Proposal) and achieve what you really want to accomplish.
So once you have organized the objective and you’ve had your vision of where to take your website, implementing the DESIGN is just following the blueprints. If a totally new revamping is necessary, note that it’s not just a face-lift (tell that to Hollywood), it’s a whole new you! (a whole new website, we mean). Get some tips on Redesigning A Cluttered Website and play around with it a bit. The design involves the structure and layout of the fold, graphics, images, animations, links, typography, and texture to name a few. Additional consideration here is to make sure you stay contemporary with your design. Nobody plays Atari anymore, get with the program. Thankfully, some of us are up on new Web Design Trends you might not be cool enough to spot.
And that brings us to our final pointer, people. What TECHNOLOGY are you using?! Application of technology depends on the design of your website, as stated in the previous section (if you forgot already). You want to make sure that you are utilizing smart technology to actively reach as many potential viewers as possible. That means mobile integration, having the capabilities of allowing customers to share content on social media, personalizing your website for your customers, and using community features; take it from the Marketing Professors. Very generally, the idea behind using technology is to use it as a tool to get people to click on your site (that’s as simple as it gets, people). And sometimes it’s as simple as clicking on a cat.
Well, if you’ve read all the way here, you’re probably serious about sprucing up your website to lure the masses. We’re pullin’ for you here! Redesign your vision and then your website will follow that vision. Pretty zen, right?
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